Katrina Kaif diagnosed with a major tooth ache


Katrina Kaif has to under grow with a tooth surgery. The actress was having a complaint of tooth pain from many days and the doctors analysis her with an infected wisdom tooth. Katrina earlier saw with a swollen face as the actress was given some antibiotics treatments.

After doctors analysis the root cause of the pain, they suggested her for a normal treatment, but due to hectic schedule and date commitments, Katrina escaped the treatments for three weeks, resulting the tooth to be affected in sever pain.

The actress visited the breach candy hospital past week but doctor diagnosed her with a surgery, which Katrina again escaped as she was on the schedule to attend a party thrown in honour of photographer Mario Testino and two other major events she was a part of.

The doctors have reported that now the surgery will commence once the infection will settle through antibiotic treatment will be completed. It shows Katrina’s humbleness that despite suffering, she completed her assignments and projects she was committed off.

Katrina will be seeing in Anurag Basu’s next movie Jagga Jassoos along with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. As per the promotions, Katrina needs to recover with her surgery to avoid any further pains.

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