Kattappa Apologizes For 9 Years Old Comment Ahead Of Bahubali 2 Release


Sathyaraj the actor has finally come out with a video asking for an apology from the people of Karnataka. His apology came for a statement he had made 9 years ago on the Cauvery water dispute. The apology video came, after activists from Karnataka had threatened that the screening of the movie in Bangalore would be hindered, unless, Sathyaraj, who plays the role of Kattappa apologizes for his comments nine years back.

Sathyaraj Came Out With Apology Video Before Bahubali 2 Release

Picture Courtesy: The News Minute

In the video that has surfaced, Sathyaraj said that he came to know that his comments nine years back had created a lot of turmoil among the people of Karnataka. He said that he is not against Karnataka or the people of the state. Citing an example he said that his assistant who has worked with him for more than 30 years is a person from Karnataka.

Apologizing to the people of Karnataka he said that he is a small worker in a movie where thousands of people have worked really hard. He does not want the movie to be banned in any part of the nation, because of what he commented on any issue.

Prior to this apology video by the actor, the director of the Bahubali series, SS Rajamouli had also issued a video statement saying that the comment that the actor had made nine years back have nothing to do with the movie. He says that many of his movies have released till then. He also said that he expects the people of Karnataka to support Bahubali 2 like they did for Bahubali. In the same video statement, he also informed that Sathyaraj was informed about the situation, but there was nothing more that the film unit could have done with the comment.

Although Sathyaraj had apologized to the people of Karnataka, he also requested other directors and producers to refrain from casting him in any movie, if they think that casting him in a movie would have any problem with the film in any part of the nation. As he said that he would keep voicing his opinion about certain issues and keep supporting Tamil Nadu. The actor also said that he is more proud and happy to live or to die as a Tamilian than as an actor.

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