Kriti Senon who was last seen on Dilwale is back with Sushant Singh Rajput on a romantic drama ‘Raabta’. The movie is directed by produced by Dinesh Vijan and it is scheduled to be released on 9th of June 2017. While the leading stars are looking cute on the screen, the promos and posters were also emerged as a fire like diverge in the internet world.

Talking about the movie, Kriti Senon has shared her expertise behind the scenes and as per her, she has quite appreciated her co-star Sushant Singh Rajput’s behavior and also the approach he’s working with the project. Addressing to the media reporters on a recent press meet she said: “He (Sushant) is fabulous. He is an amazing actor so he keeps you on your toes. He gets into the skin of the character and does a lot of homework in detail. If you have a good co-actor your performance also enhances”.

Earlier Kriti has also shared a promo of Raabta where we can see both of the lead actors playing a scrabble game, where she plays it fairly, Sushant mischievously cheats her. This promo also makes the audience even more curious about Raabta trailer which is going to be out on out on today at sharp 1 PM.

While Kriti admired the way to work with Sushant on screen, she also slammed on those rumors which claimed that both of them shared a special closeness which has been developed recently while shooting of Raabta. As per Kriti, she replied on it “It’s better to ignore them”. She also stated that shooting on Raabta was not an easygoing task as she also undergone with some cuts and brushes which are not like a major cause. But this experience was a tremendous approach for her.

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