Ace filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has received death threats along with an extortion on a phone call through an unknown number. Bhatt immediately filed up a complaint and a case is registered under the section 387.

As per the report, Mahesh Bhatt received a call form an unknown number in which a person has demanded rs 50 Lakh. Adding this, the unidentified person also threatened him that if the amount didn’t reach in a specific time limit, he will kill Alia one of the known actress of bollywood, and younger daughter of Mahesh along with Soni Razdhan, his wife and former actress.

Bhatt previously got the same call on 26th of February but he avoids it thinking to be a prank. But again the sender has sent a Whatsapp message which read, “If you fail to do so, I will fire several rounds of bullets in your daughter Alia and wife Soni” the man claimed to be a gang leader.

This is not for the first time Mahesh Bhatt is targeted, as the film producer also received the death threats in the year 2014.

However, the police department has put a tight security for Mahesh, his wife Soni and daughter Alia. Also, the police have started up the investigation and trying to trace the unknown face behind the call.

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