No Spoilers! As Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion Releases, Here Are Some Of The Interesting Unknown Facts About The Film


Truly said that Bahubali has become a brand and it is more than a film to the viewers, Audiences are emotionally connected to the film and why not Rajmouli has created such an aura that people are waiting to witness the magnum opus on the big screen. Ahead of its release today worldwide, we bring out to you some interesting and unknown facts about Bahubali 2- the Conclusion, which would make your wait for the movie ever more worth.

Bahubali 2-The Conclusion Brings Along With It Expectations For Bahubali 3

Picture Courtesy: Telugu Movie News

  • Director S S Rajmouli faced the problem of some leaked scenes a previous To save the entire film facing such problem, Director shot 4 climax sequences so that even if one of the climaxes is leaked, he have back up ready. Such a dedication!
  • It is said that Bahubali 2’s climax cost over Rs 30 Crore to the makers. This is double the amount than what Bahubali –The beginning climax had cost. The 20-minute Climax is indeed a grand affair to be most worthy of the whole
  • Sony Television has purchased the rights of Bahubali – The Conclusion at a whopping amount of Rs 51 Crores.
  • The Bahubali aka Prabhas is said to have not signed a single film until he finished shooting for both the films i.e. 3 and half years. Yes, such is his dedication and he risked his career as well but all of this was worth after all.
  • Salman Khan and Aamir Khan gained and lost weight for their film recently but Prabhas took it to another level. He had to gain a lot of weight for both the films and even maintain it all these years. Reportedly, for Bahubali 2, Prabhas gained 30 kgs more weighing to 150 kg by following a strict diet regime. Two Dieticians and personal trainer were with him always to maintain his physique. The makers of the film even provided Gym equipment costing Rs 1.5 crores. Not only Prabhas Rana Daggubati playing Bhallaldeva had to also gain a lot of weight for the film. They both had 40 egg whites in their daily meal.
  • Bahubali 3 is on the cards. Yes, you hear right. S S Rajmouli has declared and hinted at various events that he will be back with Bahubali 3 but nothing more has been revealed. Further announcements will be made later.
  • Bahubali even before release has collected 19 crores from the US and Rs 500 Crores through satellite, music and Theatrical rights.
  • Bahubali 2- the Conclusion has highest ever ticket prices in South India at Rs 2400. In the black market, tickets are said o be sold at Rs 2000 to Rs 5000.

Looking at all the facts, Bahubali is indeed a grandeur affair and much of the rejoice for the fans. It would be spectacular and magnificent as promise.


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