No weddings no Punjabis in new films : Gurinder Chadha


Gurinder  Chadda will be skipping the Punjabi masala/ wedding in her next movies. The English film director, better known for Bend it Like Beckham, is thinking to move on for the upcoming next projects.


As most of her movies are based on the same theme, Gurinder is planning to get on some different matter and plot. She is currently working on an upcoming movie which is totally based on the children’s adventure plot. The shooting is going in Kerela and she is many optimists about this motion drama.

The fifty-year-old director, who had recently presented A Wonderful Afterlife, fails to get much acclaimed and attention as the movie was initial lacks in new causes and hails in the same plot of Punjabi wedding.

Now the director/ producer will be focusing on a different scale as her next project will be a different scenario. As she had interviews via telephonic conversation, she had quoted “my next movie will be an off break for old themes of marriages and Punjabi family, meanwhile it will be focusing on elephants, which will be focusing on children sectors. This movie will leave you with a beautiful ecological message and it will be a pure adventure film for children”.  Talking about the title she had stated that the title will be in the Malayalam language which will be soon unfolded to the public.

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