One should not Remake the old films: Sunny Deol


Bollywood action superstar Sunny Deol is not in the favour of a sequel of any film. According to the veteran actor, if producers tried to build up a sequel for any motion drama, it impacts on the charisma and leading roles’ personality. The actor had expressed his thoughts over the remaking criteria at a press conference held for the promotional event of his upcoming movie Ghayal Once again.

Sunny Deol

Sunny is currently busy in making of his upcoming movie Ghayal: once again as he working on the script, direction as well as the production of this film. As per Sunny, this film will be an emotional touch just like the previous, but slightly in a different manner. As per Sunny, it’s quite difficult to attract the present audience for such films, as there is a change in the taste of audience regarding the entertainment industry.

On asked, Sunny also clarified the media that the upcoming motion drama is not a sequence of actor’s classic masterpiece Ghayal (1990), as this time the plot centres around on different subject dealing with the social cause rather on a personal motive. Sunny also refined his statement, by adding that he would like to work on a different manner. Apart making completely a sequence of the film, directors should pick up the actors, take the subject and modify its plot to produce it in a new and fresh way.

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