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Renuka Shahane Clears The Air About Her Comment On Salman

Superstar Salman Khan, recently got acquitted in the 1998 blackbuck and chinkara poaching case. The lower courts had sentenced him for five years and the actor had challenged it by going to the Supreme Court. Needless to say, Bhaijaan and his fans celebrated the announcement of the acquittal as a festival. But as they say that there are two sides to a story, the decision instantly led to an uproar among people who were of the opinion that this is just another case of stardom overpowering the law. Among them, was Renuka Shahane, who played Salman’s on-screen bhabhi in the iconic movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun.

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Among various celebrities, Renuka is one who has expressed her disapproval over Khan’s distasteful ways time and again. She had tweeted against Salman when the actor had made a rather ugly remark about rape before the release of Sultan. This time, too, Renuka took to the social networking site to take a dig at the actor and the current state of law in the country. The actress made a sarcastic joke on the Salman’s various other crime charges, namely the infamous hit-and-run case.

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Renuka, reportedly, was trolled incessantly by the actor’s ardent ‘worshippers’ after making such a bold statement. However, as per recent news, she has now clarified that apparently she was never against the actor; she was just questioning the judicial system of India. She said that she shares a cordial relationship with the Sultan actor and is not anti-Salman by any means. People are misunderstanding the purpose of the post. She wanted to focus on the fact that court cases are being dragged on for decades.

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The veteran actress claims that she has no hard feelings for Salman; she was just voicing the questions that have been in her mind for long, though we really can’t say what Renuka actually meant by that rather gutsy social post.

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