Salman Khan interested in buying IPL team


After Shahrukh Khan Team had shown up a thunder of glamour and record wining in IPL this time the Dabangg Khan would like to introduce his team in the IPL. The actor recently had showed interest in buying a team in IPL.


If the deal goes through the star will be going to be listed on the franchise among other Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta.  The actor also meat IPL chairman Lalit Modi to discuss and understand the bidding procedure. Also the actor was joined by Ness Wadiya who was also present at the time of the event. As the meeting ends, Mr Modi addressed the media that he (Salman) is cleared about the price money and auctioned system. The officials will be also introducing two new teams in the upcoming session, so it will be a curiosity for the media and fans to know about Salman Team.

Salman along with brother Sohail already owned a cricket team Mumbai heroes which represent in the Celebrity Cricket League. However as the rising popularity of IPL, he would like to draw the attention of his fans by buying a team. It is not cleared through officials then in which session Salman will be buying the team, but it will be for soon as per the internal reports.

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