Sanjay Dutt was once planned to beat Rishi Kapoor?


Rishi Kapoor has explained many untouched moments of his life in his book Khullam Khulla. The 64-year-old actor shocked the fans revealing the award buying incident of bobby through his autobiography. Now again the star has attracted the attention of his fans, by revealing another secret. And the bottom line is that the actor has claimed that Sanjay Dutt once, prepared to beat him up.

Rishi Kapoor

As per Rishi Kapoor’s Khullam Khulla, the incident was about to happened but thanks to his wife Neetu, the matter settled without misunderstandings. Time roll back to the early 80’s when Rishi was in the peak with actress and then, newcomer Tina Munim. Sanjay was in a relationship with Munim that time, and when Rishi interrupt the chemistry in between, the Munnabhai goes up to boom with anger.

He even teamed up with none other then Gulshan Grover and decided to teach a lesson to Rishi Kapoor, and went to his house. Meanwhile, Neetu Singh meets with them, who at that time got engaged to Rishi and settled the misunderstanding classifying that there is no such relationship between Rishi and Teena and the things ended up with a smooth ongoing.

It is such a beautiful coincident that Rajkumar Hirani is making a biopic on Sanjay Dutt’s life and the lead face of the movie is Rishi and Neetu’s son the charming Ranbir Kapoor.

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