Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2 Launch event in Mumbai


One of the most favorite show Indian Television gave was Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. The show is all set to make the comeback with Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2. The show is coming as a web series on Hotstar from May 16th. The web series had a great launch in Mumbai today. The launch was taken forward by the director of the show, J D Majetia who talked about how fans have showered love for the show always and why the comeback was evident.


He told at the launch event that Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is a memorable show for all Indians and its success and popularity was so huge that people used to have theme parties based on the show. He also added that they always had plans for the second season of the show but were scared of the feedback from the audiences and the expectations they have from the show. The most challenging thing the team faced was to create the same magic and same set as the previous season for Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2.


He then introduced each character at the launch event. We got to see two new faces on the show. Tv actress Aishwarya Sakhuja and Urvashi Upadhyay are new members in the family. The essence of each character would be the same only the show will have 7 years of leap. Maya Sarabhai, the sophisticated mother in law will still take a dig at her sister in law, Monisha. Monisha now a mother of the son is the same, middle-class bahu. Roshesh has finally found a girl for himself. Indravadan is the same father in law who is the Narayana of the house. Sahil is the sought after person in the family and is made a sandwich between mother and wife. The deaf uncle, highly technified Son In law and the innocent yet amazing kid makes the show drool worthy.



Audiences are eagerly waiting for the show to kick start. It has been a long wait for all fans and it would be over on 16th May. With the small tease by the makers of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, people await its first episode to air on Hotstar.

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