It Seems Like That Virat Kohli Is All Set To Promote Phillauri


The trailer of Phillauri has been a real hit among the fans, however, it seems that it is not all that the lead actress has planned for the success of the movie! According to sources, it is possible that the rumored boyfriend of the lead actress, Virat Kohli would help her promote the movie.

If sources are to be believed, then it is most likely that the Indian cricket captain might be promoting the movie. Although the two have not yet made their relationship official, but they are widely accepted as a couple across the nation. They are one of the most popular pairs that the nation has right now.

Virat Kohli To Promote Upcoming Movie Of Anushka Sharma

Picture Courtesy: Twitter

According to the sources, a close source has reported that although it is way too early, but it is most likely that Virat Kohli will promote the movie for Anushka Sharma, on the digital platforms at least. the source says that he is proud of Anushka’s work and is likely to lend his support to the project.

Diljit Dosanjh is also a part of the movie. The trailer of the movie makes it clear that Anushka Sharma plays the role of a ghost. It also seems that Diljit Dosanjh will be seen playing the role of a singer. While the trailers are making round, the movie which is scheduled to be released on 24th of March is making it count among the stars of the Bollywood industry.

While some of the Virat Kohli fans would now be waiting to see if the star actually takes on to the digital media to promote the movie, or he would go a step ahead and decide to promote the movie in some events, Anushka Sharma fans would be waiting for the movie. The trailer of the movie is engrossing, the only question that lies is to see if the movie is as engrossing as the trailer seems to be. Well, one will have to wait till 24th of the next month.

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