Sonakshi Sinha’s Tweet to Armaan calls for another Controversy on Twitter


A few days back it was rumored that Sonakshi Sinha would perform in Justin Bieber’s concert. To this singer, Kailash Kher raised opposition, as to chance to singers, must be given on such stage. After Kailash Kher, it was Armaan Malik who replied that he was of the same opinion that the stage and mic should be left to the singers. This did not go down well with Sonakshi and she engaged in a war of words with Armaan on Twitter. Here is the full news as to what happened!

Sonakshi Sinha Has A Tussle With Armaan Malik

Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express

Sonakshi Sinha gave a befitted reply that no one should be insecure and that if any artist is growing and developing skills he/she should be motivated. Art should not be suppressed in any form. Armaan who was in the mood to get back replied that he agrees to what Sonakshi says but he simply put forward his opinion as to what he felt of how in our country singers are given less importance than actors.

This war of words did not end here. Sonakshi sarcastically took a dig at Armaan and said that It was not the same tune he is singing when he wanted her to sing for them. Armaan quickly pointed Sonakshi’s mistake that she is misunderstanding Amaal, the composer as Armaan, the singer. To which Sona replied that She knows Amaal is a singer and she also recalls that how they both came up to her after an event to perform with them.

Not only Armaan and Sonakshi but seems the industry is starting to divide between actors and singers as Sona Mahapatra, the singer has taken a stand for Armaan after which Sonakshi blocked her on Twitter wherein Sonakshi’ brother Luv has taken a stand for Sonakshi and wrote a befitting reply to Armaan.

Let’s see how long their war of words continues. Although Sonakshi has confirmed on not being performing in Justin Bieber’s concert, why all are this fighting for seems illogical!

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