Superstar Rajinikanth Speaks on Spirituality


One name that brought Tamil cinema on the world map is Superstar Rajinikanth. He is busy these days in dubbing and shooting for his upcoming sci-fi mega budget entertainer ‘2.0’. He has been attending several public functions recently. Superstar here on Saturday appeared at Yogoda Satsanga Society gracing their centenary year celebration. This society is founded by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. The 66-year-old star also released society’s spiritual book named ‘Deiveega Kadhal’.

Speaking About His Journey With Spirituality

Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express

On this occasion, the actor addressed how spirituality can bring greatness in our lives. He addressed the gathering by saying that he is a proud spiritual person. He said that spirituality is what should be kept over money and every other thing. Spirituality gives him the power to work more. Robot actor then revealed his history of spiritual learnings. His brother Sathyanarayana was his first guru whereas his first spiritual guru was Sachidanandhar. After his first spiritual guru passed away, he has followed various gurus for strength and peace. Rajinikanth learned devotion from guru Raghavendra. He learned to search who he really is from guru Ramana Maharishi. He then came to the autobiography of Paramahansa Yogananda, stating that what great impact it made on the actor’s life. He told that his search for spirituality will continue forever. It is not unknown to anyone that the ‘Enthiran’ actor is a very frequent visitor to the Himalayas. He said that Mt. Everest is full of secrets and he is in search for these divine secrets. His upcoming film Robot 2.0 made it to the headlines last year when the news came that the production cost of the movie is Rs 350 crore making it India’s most expensive film till now. The movie also stars Akshay Kumar alongside Rajinikanth. The first look of Robot 2.0 was released in November 2016. The mega budget film is the sequel to Robot and is set for a Diwali release this year.

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