Swara Bhaskar wants to be like Shah Rukh Khan


Raanjhanaa movie actress Swara Bhaskar recently expressed her views of becoming like Shah Rukh Khan at an event. Swara was present at an event which was celebrating the YuvaParivartan 20 years and gave this statement to the media. She said that it is difficult to maintain the star position from past 25 years if the person does not belong to the industry.

Raanjhanaa Actress Wants To Be Like Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Swara was born in Delhi to an Indian Navy officer father who has no connection to Bollywood. She explained that it is very difficult to enter in this industry if there is no one to refer them. While interacting with media Swara stated that she never wants to become any Bollywood actress but wants to have a position like SRK, Aamir, and Salman for long period of time. The media also asked about her experience and challenges during her debut in Bollywood. To that, Swara explained that everyone’s experience is different and depends on the journey. She said that it is most challenging to create an own identity. The people who do not have any contacts are called as outsiders and it is most difficult for those people to get the work.

Shah Rukh Khan was also born in Delhi to a Muslim family. Even SRK was the first person in his family to work in this industry. He worked hard and achieved this position without any reference from this industry. Just like Shah Rukh Khan, SwaraBhaskar aims to be like him. She wants to be recognized by the people not just by her films but by her hard work. She aims to maintain her own identity which should be different from other Bollywood actresses.

During the conversation, she stated an example of NawazuddinSiddiqui who is known for his work and is called as one of the acclaimed actors in the industry. She briefed that no matter if they are the outsider in the industry but the good work is always recognized. Sarah is currently working with director Avinash Das in the movie “Anarkali of Arrah” which is expected to release on March 24.

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