After his controversial tiff with CBFC chief, Pahlaj Nihalani because of his censor verdict, Anurag Kashyap is in the news again but this time for his acting. The director, who turned actor for AR Murugadoss’ film Akira, is receiving rave reviews for his performance. The film, which has Sonakshi Sinha playing the protagonist, saw Kashyap playing the antagonist. After the film released on 2nd September, the director is flooded with appreciation. However, Kashyap is not willing to begin a full-fledged acting career and is content with direction.

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Kashyap Played The Baddie In Akira

In a recent media interaction, the filmmaker said that he will come before the camera only if he gets enough money, otherwise he is not bent towards acting. Currently, neither does he have the time to take up acting projects nor the want. An interesting fact is that not many people know that Akira is not Kashyap’s acting debut. He has performed earlier in movies like Black Friday, No Smoking, Gulaal, and Shagird. The actor has done theatre but feels that acting in a film requires longer commitment.

Nevertheless, he is happy that critics are loving his performance. But he also says that after Akira, he has realized how disciplined actors are to maintain their character for months at a stretch. He feels he lacks that kind of discipline. However, like everybody else, he too wanted to be an actor when he entered the industry. In fact, he has played the lead character in many films but nobody has noticed him!

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Always Wanted To Become An Actor, Says Anurag

When quizzed about working in Akira, he said that he could not have delivered such a performance 15 years ago. So, obviously direction does teach a lot. That being said, he used to go to the sets with the mindset of an actor and let his director trust him. A film is a director’s film, hence Murugadoss was the helmer in Akira.

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