Arjun Rampal On Children And Upcoming Movies


The star kids joining the league of their parents is the most common thing that we have noticed these days. The star kids have at times been able to be at least at par their parents in certain cases if not better when it comes to popularity. And responding to something of the similar issue, actor Arjun Rampal claimed that he would be the happiest if his daughters also took to Bollywood in the coming days. Arjun is the proud father of two daughters, namely Myra (11) and Mahikaa (14).

Arjun Says Daughters Will Have Liberty To Choose For Themselves

Picture Courtesy: Storypick

Picture Courtesy: Storypick

Arjun states that he will be the happiest if his daughters take on to movies and the showbiz as their career in the days to come. The veteran actor, stating the same, said that there will be so much to talk on if his children also took to the showbiz industry. However, he said that they will be given complete liberty to choose whatever they want to and do what they will want. However, according to Arjun, they are too young to make such plans.

Arjun Talks About Upcoming Movies

Talking about his upcoming movies, Arjun stated that the upcoming movie, which is supposedly named as Daddy, is based on the life of Arun Gawli. The actor claims that the life of Arun is very interesting. Arun, who is now sentenced to jail, has been one of the well-known gangsters of his area. He then went on to become a politician and then went on to contest in an election, in which he eventually won to become an MLA. Arjun stated, that when he had gone to Dagdi Chawl (in Mumbai), he had observed the tremendous amount of love and respect that these people have for Arun. This according to him is because of the good side that he had in him and he says that the same is also captured in the movie.

Apart from the movie stated, Arjun will also feature in another upcoming movie, namely Rock On 2.

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