One of the most popular television reality shows in the recent years have been the Big Boss in the Colors channel. The reality show has seen some of the most well-known faces be a part of it. And also over the year, many of the actors and actresses have appeared in the show for guest appearances. Now it is time again to start off the very latest season of the popular event and this time, the guest for the launch event will be the stunning actress, Deepika Padukone.

Deepika Padukone To Launch Big Boss Along With Salman

Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express

The actress, who is a part of an upcoming Hollywood movie is about to launch Big Boss Season 10, along with fellow co-host, Salman Khan, who happens to be the host for the show for many years now. Raj Nayak, the CEO of the Colors channel, revealed the fact in a tweet stating that the excitement is about to begin and asks everyone to book their seats for 9PM on 16th of October 2016. Deepika has also featured in one of the videos, which ask the views to brace themselves and enjoy the upcoming show, which will be aired in the channel.

Big Boss To See Common Participants

The reality show is one which is similar to the idea of the Celebrity Big Brother, which happens to be an international event. In this show, the participants, who generally belong from various corners of the nation are all put into a house, and are kept under surveillance 24*7. The stars will be kept in the house with no gadgets and no luxuries. They will only be supplied with the very basic needs. The show is for the first time entertaining common public to be a part of the same. There will be 13 people whose name has been shortlisted. However, among them, only 8 will be entering the house.

In the previous years, various stars have made their name and gave their career a boost by being a part of this particular reality show. This year again the audiences will be able to see a few new faces.

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