Bollywood Will Finally Witness Film On Indira Gandhi’s Assassination


Bollywood filmmakers are quite sceptical about making films on controversial subjects. Recently, Anurag Kashyap’s Udta Punjab, based on the drug scenario in Punjab, landed up in controversy due to the sensitive plot. But it looks like finally, directors are taking a chance and creating movies on stories that need to be told. The much-talked about movie, based on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination, has now been cleared by the Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC).

Indira Gandhi Assassination To Be Portrayed On Silver Screen

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The movie, titled 31st October, is written and produced by Harry Sachdeva, and stars Soha Ali Khan and Vir Das in lead roles. The film’s subject revolves around the horrific assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984 in New Delhi. This incident led to unimaginable mayhem in the country. Sadly, her two trusted Sikh bodyguards were the assassins.

Harry Sachdeva says that he had to wait for four long months for the CBFC to pass the film. Nevertheless, the Board has made nine major cuts in the film. Some modifications in the film will have to be made but Sachdeva is glad that they could convince the censor board to retain the important parts of the movie, which were vital for the realism of the story.

Picture Courtesy: South Film Focus (YouTube Channel)

Picture Courtesy: South Film Focus (YouTube Channel)

31st October is directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil. According to sources, Harry felt that there’s a reason why he felt the need of taking up such a topic. The scenes involving violence and bloodshed had to be edited but the censor board also wants the makers to rework on some particular scenes and dialogues that could instigate a particular community of people. In fact, they had to resubmit the film several times to the Revising Committee because they were not happy with some scenes. Even some common verbal abuses have been beeped!

Well, this is not the first time that the CBFC have had problems with content in films. In the recent times, many films have had to face the wrath of the censors.

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