Emma Watson’s private photos gets stolen and leaked on internet


While Emma Watson is busy in promoting her upcoming movie, Beauty and The Beast, things are not going in a smooth way for her. On a recent report, it is clarified by the officials that Emma’s private photos are leaked and circulated on the web world.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is regarded as one of the most adorable and skilful actresses of Hollywood. She is having a huge fan following not in the US but also in the global platform because of her talent. As per the reports, Emma had done a photo shoot with a stylist a couple of years ago. That photos are stolen secretly and are distributed on the internet. Emma earlier spoke that she received threats of leaking her nude pictures from a conman and that time she said that incident happened because she has expressed her thoughts over the rights of gender equality as a UN ambassador for Women.

This is not for the first time, an actress has trapped up on such thread of shocking act, as earlier, Jennifer Lawrence ( known for Passengers, Joy etc) has also witnessed the incident as Edward Majerczyk, a 29 years old man from Chicago has stolen and leaked her private photos. With the legal action, the man was sentenced to the prison for a nine-month period.

However, from Emma’s side legal action has been taken and the actress herself filed the complaint against the internet crime. Lawyers are informed to take over the case and Emma Watson is hoping to get the unknown face in front of public soon.

Well, we hope the same for Emma Watson.

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