Happy Bhag Jayegi Runs Into Trouble In Pakistan


This week saw the release of Mudassar Aziz’s light-hearted comedy film, Happy Bhag Jayegi, starring Diana Penty, Ali Fazal, Jimmy Shergill, and Abhay Deol in lead roles. The movie, which revolves around a Punjabi girl, Happy, who runs from her wedding and accidentally lands up in Pakistan, has been produced by Anand L Rai. Though the film has opened to average business in India, it has apparently landed in trouble in our neighbouring country, Pakistan. Sources say that it has been banned in Pakistan due to some political issues.

Happy Bhag Jayegi Looses Viewers From Pakistan

Picture Courtesy: indianexpress.com

Picture Courtesy: indianexpress.com

According to reports, the Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) had issues with a particular scene of the film. The scene apparently shows a portrait of Pakistani leader, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. They also had problems with veteran actor Piyush Mishra portraying the character of a Pakistani cop. However, instead of asking for more corrections and cuts, the CBFC decided to ban the film. When Rai was quizzed about this entire incident, he compared this issue with Rajkumar Hirani’s Lage Raho Munnabhai, where Mahatma Gandhi was shown as a character.

Picture Courtesy: twitter.com

Picture Courtesy: twitter.com

Sources also say that Anand was quite disappointed by the entire issue of Happy Bhag Jayegi facing a ban in Pakistan. He said that the censor board of Pakistan had earlier seen the film and loved it. They had just demanded a minor cut to which the makers had willingly agreed. However, later on they were informed that a ministry in Pakistan had showed objection towards the film.

Anand further elaborated that he, as a filmmaker, just wants his work to reach a larger audience. The bans which our Hindi movies face in Pakistan only narrows the people who whom the movie reaches. Because of such political differences, the common man loses out on his source of entertainment.

Much of the movie has been shot in picturesque locales of Lahore. In fact, the film also stars Pakistani actor, Momal Sheikh as Abhay Deol’s fiancé.

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