Legal Authorities Clarify About Priyanka’s Ad Campaign Controversy


Priyanka Chopra, who is currently busy with the second season of her American TV show, Quantico, is now an established international star! With a number of foreign projects in her kitty, the actress spends most of her time away from her home country. She has also declared that she won’t be signing any Bollywood project until mid-2017. However, last week PeeCee got caught in a controversy about an ad campaign, which led to much negative speculation for the actor-singer. However, the legal authorities have finally issued an official statement, clearing Priyanka’s name from the controversy!

Priyanka Chopra In Another Controversy

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Last week, there was buzz that apparently, the office of Assam Tourism Development had approached Priyanka Chopra to become their brand ambassador. However, it was being said that the global icon had charged a whopping amount of Rs. 15 crore for the ad campaigns. Since it was going to take up 10 days of her schedule, she was charging Rs. 1.5 crore for each day!

However, the office of the Assam Tourism Development recently sent a an official letter to the media, clarifying that all such reports are false and reinstating the fact that Priyanka has not charged any such amount for the ad campaign yet. Even the spokesperson of the Bajirao Mastani actress confirmed the report by saying that Priyanka has been approached by the Tourism Board but no negotiation has been done as of now.

No 15 Crore Ad Campaign For Priyanka

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He also added that Priyanka is super excited about the project since it involves promoting a state. However, the Fashion actress will not able be to begin the project until December since she is currently working for Quantico 2 as well as her first Hollywood movie, Baywatch. She will be back in the country only next year.

However, Piggy Chops does want to be a part of the campaign, just how Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan have been the faces of Gujarat Tourism Board and Incredible India respectively.

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