As Dil Hai Mushkil has been in the news ever since the debate has started on banning the Pakistani actors in India. The movie has ever since the onset of the debate being threatened by one or the other. The Karan Johar movie is once again in the lime light.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Faces Ban

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In a recent flow of events, the movie stands a chance to be banned in the states of Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Also a few parts of Karnataka is expected to ban the movie. The Cinema Owners’ and Exhibitors Association has taken the decision in the above states that are mentioned. If implemented, the movie is expected to loose a business of around Rs 5-6 crores.

Movie Vanned For Patriotic Feeling

Nitin dattar, who happens to be the vice president of the association, said that the association had decided not to screen any movie that stars any Pakistani star in it. He claimed that the decision was taken, keeping in mind the patriotic feeling and national interest. He further asked all the members to refrain from screening this movie and also asked other associations to do the same, for the interest of the nation.


The movie which had a budget of 55 crore is all set to hit the screens on 28th of October. However with such an announcement from the association, Rajesh Tyadani, a film distributor says that the movie can loose as much as 25% of the income, if the ban is implemented. However, it will also depend on the number of theatres abiding by the decision.


Amul Johan, a trade analyst also states that since the decision is taken by the association, it will mostly be implemented on the single screens.Which according to him will not affect the multi screens of the states mentioned. He also says that it is just not about rejecting a Dharma film, but it is also about loosing out on many Fox movies and also many Hollywood movies,as  the film is distributed by Fox studios.


Any spokesperson from the movie were not available to comment on the issue.

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