Manveer Singh Gurjar, who has caught a stardom after winning the Big Boss session 10, has expressed his views on his relation with Gaurav Chopra.

Manveer who have won the heart of many of the fans in the country through his kindness, honesty and moral behaviour told in an interaction recently that along with Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga one contestant was also not deserve to be a part of the show, and it is none other then Gaurav Chopra.

Manveer after the show has revealed many things about his journey to the house. As per him, it was not so easy to won the show, as there were lots of controversies and politics were going on that time he was in the house.

Firstly he said that he will be spending time with his family as he was far away with them since 4 months. He also praised his all time buddy Manu Punjabi by saying that he was having an ability to won Big Boss, though he makes a fair judgement, by accepting 10 Lakh rupees.

On Gaurav Chopra, Manveer expressed his views saying there were lots of expectations from him. Throughout the show, both of them have encountered with words, with each other on which they never worked to sought out.

Talking about his future plans, Manveer is ready to fly to Mumbai to be a part of entertainment industry, if he gets any chance to entertain his fans.

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