Manveer Gurjar, who has been announced Big Boss session 10 winners last night, has shown many things which a common man can think and do. Thisuntroubled boy has touched millions of hearts as he immediately decided to donate half of his prize to Salman Khan’s NGO being human.

Manveer Gurjar beat Bani J, which was a strong contestant as per the predictions. The 10th Session of Big Boss was something special in it, as the show along with the celebrities, this time provided a platform for a common man to be in the competition. While Manveer wins the show, Manu Punjabi eliminate himself by taking off 10 Lakh rupees prize money to stand in the fourth place.

Lopamudra Raut stands in the third on the winner list, while Bani J emerges as a runner-up. In short, it was a win for a common man which as Manu feels so delighted watching his best buddy winning the champion tag with an attractive prize of Rs 40 Lakh.

Manveer, after winning the show expressed his gratitude towards his family, friends and the other housemates. He also cleared that after Big Boss, his life turned him towards a celebrity tag as many of the fan followers shouting his name and taking selfies with him. But as per him, these things can never change him and he will be remaining Desi Banda just like he was before entering the house.

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