Rakesh Roshan Claims Hrithik’s Part Of The Story Is Yet To Be Heard

The rift between the Krrish 3 co stars, Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is not new. The Bollywood industry have for long been an evidence of the rift that the two stars are facing among themselves. These two stars are now fighting a battle in the court, where both of them have filled a complaint against the other. Here is just what Hrithik’s father, Rakesh Roshan have to say about his son and the controversies that Hrithik has been surrounded with in the year.
Picture Courtesy: www.indianexpress.com

Picture Courtesy: www.indianexpress.com

Hrithik And Kangana’s Tiff Had Turned Ugly
When asked about the controversy that Hrithik had had with Kangana Ranaut in the earlier parts of the year, the well known director replied that Hrithik  is different from others. He keeps on with his dignity even when one goes on stating lies against him. He said that if his son would decide to open up, then the truth might well be a shock for many.
Picture Courtesy: www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Picture Courtesy: www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

When asked, why the star kid has been silent all these days, the father replied that it might be because of the great pressure that Hrithik has been surrounded with. He feels that Hrithik might speak about it, once he is free from his movie releases and promotions. Rakesh feels that his son might come up with the truth, once he is free, or might even decide to keep on with his silence. The director states that it is entirely his own choice.
Rakesh Roshan Feels That the Truth Has Not Been Heard
Asking about the dates of Kabil and Raees clasing on 26th of January 2016, the director said that he had announced the dates of the release of the movie in the month of February last year. However, the sudden announcement of a new movie, according to him was unethical. However, he stated that he cannot stop anybody from releasing any movie on any given date. When asked about the fourth part of the Krrish series, the director said that it was during the Ganeshutsav, that he did get the confidence to get along with the fourth edition, when his ewife did show him a picture of  Lord Ganesha dressed liked Krrish.

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