Rana Cut On Body Weight To Be A Part Of Bahubali: The Conclusion


After the immense success of Bahubali, the second part of the same movie is about to make its way into the theatres in the later half of 2016. The latest news about the movie states that Bhallala Deva, the protagonist of the movie, has to shed down his body weight to be a perfect fit for the sequel of the upcoming movie.

Rana Reduced Weight To Fit In His Role In Bahubali

Picture Courtesy: www.india.com

Picture Courtesy: www.india.com

Rana Duggabati stated, that for the next movie, he has reduced his body weight by a few kilos and the reason behind the same is also explained by him. The actor claims that in both the part of the movie, the younger part of the actor is a bit leaner than the current version. However, both the versions showcase him as a strong warrior. Rana who is presently weighing between 92-93 kilos, claimed that he has been able to reduce the weight with the help of cardio and weight training.

Bahubali Start Cast And Rana Duggabati Diet Secrets

Kunal Gir, the trainer of the star, who has also been the instructor stated that Rana has been high on protein and oil free food and carbs. He also stated that he consumed every two hours and the nutritious are present round the clock. Regular check-ups were also conducted to ensure that things are perfectly on track.

The second part of the first film, Bahubali, which has been one of the most successful films of 2015 is about to be released. The first part left the viewers with a lot of doubts and all of them would be cleared in the final part of the movie. The star cast of the film are Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Sathyaraj, Tamannaah Bhatia and Ramya Krishnan. The movie like the last one is once again SS Rajamouli. The first film was named as Bahubali: The Begining and the last will be called Bahubali : The Conclusion.

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