Rishi Kapoor tried to make a patch-up between Kapil Sharma & Sunil Grover


It seems that the controversy that has been aroused between comedy star Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover might not be been ended. Even many of the b town celebrities have tried their level best to bring a compromise between both of the stars, crack between the relationship are getting wider day by day. Recently the evergreen actor Rishi Kapoor makes an approach to reuniting the stars but in vain.

Kapil Sharma

Rishi Kapoor who is quite famous because of his twitter activities has tweeted “IPL. There is a look alike of @KapilSharmaK9 in the team of Sun Risers Hyderabad. Anyone finding @WhoSunilGrover in any team? Mil jao yaaron!” his tweet was a way to make a settlement between the two stand up comedians, however, he got a response from Sunil Grover’s side as the actor tweeted ”Sir, I am not playing this season coz I am retired hurt. Best Regards”.

This highlights Sunil’s anger and sorrow which he had encountered during the past few months. He indirectly put a full stop on those rumours which were claiming that he and Kapil will be reuniting again.

Sunil has already made several statements in respect to his return for The Kapil Sharma Show in which he has hinted that he will be not in the mood to mark a comeback. Sunil is one of the leading characters in the Kapil Sharma’s one of the highest TRP rated show The Kapil Sharma Show where he portrays Gutthi’s role. Suddenly both of the actors have involved with a heated argument on a flight which was on its way from Australia in which Kapil has been accused of making verbal arguments leading to a physical fight with Sunil.

As from Kapil Side, the show is about to celebrate its 100th episode. Acclaimed national level women’s cricket team member Veda Krishnamurthy is making a guest appearance to celebrate the special occasion. Veda has cleared about it by posting up a picture on her social media account.

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