Newcomers are the biggest assets of the Bollywood industry. Every year these new talents take the entire industry to a whole new level. One of the well known new commers of the recent days his Taapsee Pannu. Although the actress has been a common face in the Tollywood industry, but is quite new in the Bollywood. Taapsee Pannu, who happens to have earned a lot of respect from the audience and the industry in the last few days for the great role that she has plays in the movie, Pink along side Anita h Bachchan. Taapsee is all set to act in an upcoming movie.

Taapsee Pannu On Ghazi

Picture Courtesy: Twitter

Pannu has in a recent interview from Hyderabad stated that she will be playing the role of a Bangladeshi refugee in the movie Ghazi. The movie which is directed by Sankalp Reddy is said to be the first movie based on submarine’s in India. The film is also set to feature Rana Duggabati,who has rises to the helm of popularity after the movie Bahubali, which has been one of the higher grocers in the year 2015.

Talking about the movie,Taapsee said that this is the first movie on submarines from India and the same is based on a real story. The movie is said to be based on the real story about how the Pakistani submarine had  sunk. While talking about the movie, Tapsee also said that the movie is probably undergoing some graphics work.she also said that this is the first period film that she has so so far and this according to her is different from other period dramas.

Ghazi Release Date And Cast

The movie which Tapsee says is one of a kind is about to be released soon. After the last success of the actress in the Bollywood movie, the industry will surely be looking for another great movie from her and it seemed that she is very much confident about the same.

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