Tom Hanks Expresses Desire To Imitate Irrfan


Actor Tom Hanks was all praise for Irrfan Khan. The actor who has shared screens in the latest Hollywood film, Inferno states that Irrfan is always the coolest guy in the room. The actor also stated that he will be looking forward to be the best imitator of his Indian co-star.

Irrfan Khan And Tom Hanks To Feature In The Movie Inferno


Picture Courtesy: AMC Theatres (YouTube Channel)

Picture Courtesy: AMC Theatres (YouTube Channel)

Tom Hanks stated that what he hates about Irrfan Khan is that, as soon as he starts believing that he is the coolest guy in the room, Irrfan walks in and while everyone would be till then hanging on to everything that he has got to say, would shift their attention to Irrfan. The actor also claimed that as soon as he had walked up to Irrfan, he mentioned that he will steal away everything that he could from Irrfan, he will start speaking quietly, will be wearing nice suits and draw out the last sound of every sentence that he utters. He claims that by doing so, he will become a pale imitation of the coolest guy in the room, who according to him is Irrfan Khan.


The actor has also expressed his disappointment on having shared the scene with Irrfan in just a couple of scenes. The actor stated, that he is sharing only a couple of scenes with the Life of Pi actor and this is heartbreaking for him.

Inferno All Set To Release On 14th Of October

Irrfan is one of the most popular actors in India and has also been quite famous in the Hollywood industry off late. He has been in some of the great movies produced in Hollywood, which includes the likes of Life of Pi, The Namesake and many more. Tom Hanks is a known face of the Hollywood industry and has been a part of many movies in the past. The two eminent artists will be seen sharing the scenes in the movie Inferno, which is scheduled to be released on 14th of October this very year. The trailer of the movie has already been released and has been quite popular among the youtube fans.

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