Famous Water sports Activities In Philippines


Watersports have been one of the most exciting and sort after sport in the recent years. The popularity of the sport has been ever rising since the past few decades for all the good reasons. One of the best places to enjoy the most out of these games is the Philippines. The Philippines have a lot of water sports and the people here play them with great excitement.

Canyoneering (Cebu)

canyoneering Philippines

This is one of the best and the most exciting forms of water sports activity in the Philippines. Canyoneering is very popular in Cebu and anyone in love with watersports must actually try this out for themselves. Canyoneering is actually a sport in which one has to move over a list of obstacles, by jumping, crawling, swimming riding and much more. This is a game which requires great stamina and also a quick mind, which would help one to take the correct decision at the correct time. One has to keep in mind the slippery rocks as well as the rough terrain and has to equip themselves accordingly. Thus, although this game is exciting and popular, at the same time, this game is also risky.

Whitewater rafting (Davao)

whitewater rafting Philippines

White water rafting, another of those sports, where the adrenaline rush is visibly high. However, surviving this adrenaline rush is not for a single person to maintain. One has to depend on the teamwork and also trust each member of the team with all that they have. It must be noted, that one wrong stroke by even one of the teammate can be fatal to all the team members. However, this exciting water sport has some basic safety precautions. Everyone who is willing to board this particular sport, are requested to follow on the same, so as to make sure that they can keep themselves at bay from all the problems!

Kayaking (Palawan)

kayaking Philippines

This is a safer sport in comparison to others. This is great for the ones who are interested in paddling. This water sport is very safe and one can witness some really good natural scenes, while they take up this sport. Ther Kayakers hop in from one island to another. The calm and melancholy area about the sports help the riders enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. Kayaking is one of the best ad safest modes of watersports, which everyone can enjoy!

These are some of the popular watersports in the Philippines. Almost all the people reaching out to this place, enjoy one or the other water sport. We hope that this gives you a complete idea about how great the water sports industry is in the Philippines!

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