Flipkart and Ebay merger: possible impact e-commerce industry may face


Flipkart.com, India’s one of the leading e-commerce company is getting up in a vast limelight as eBay India is planning to get merge with it. The deal will be through on a platform of 500 million dollars. The main motto of Ebay behind the deal is to strength its capital.

Ebay Flipkart Merger

The deal is however planned, as earlier this week Latif Nathani, MD of eBay’s India resigned from the firm which indicates that certain things are shaping up to take a move on with respect to eBay India business. Also, Ramkumar Narayanan who served as a General manager for the company has quieted the firm, which indicates that company has already been in discussion with Flipkart.

eBay India’s merger with Flipkart will somehow help the organization to be in rhythm with its e-commerce business profit. As per the staff members who are serving for the Ebay.in company, the following move will be a bounce back approach for the company to gain its more e-commerce profit after tieing up with the local e-business leader Flipkart.

Experts are also stating that now on this point, eBay has realized that its pure-play market policy will no use for further enhancement, and running with the same policy may lose its grip in the Indian e-commerce market. Ebay will get a chance to increase its revenue in the country to fight with bigger giants like Snapdeal.com, Amazon.in and Paytm.com. Also, Alibaba has almost entered the e-commerce market through Paytm, in which it is invested.

Flipkart is expected to provide a sound platform for eBay to meet the requirements of the local customers as it is one of the leading and most preferred e-commerce portal in India.

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