Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th September Written Update – Dev Faints During The Engagement


Dev tells Ishwari that Sona has sent him her engagement card so he wants to go. But Ishwari tells him that they must be treating him just like any other guest and advises him not to go. However, Dev thinks that Sona might be testing him by sending a card personally. Meanwhile, Sona cries while thinking about Dev but Elena tries to cheer her up by saying that only good things will happen hereafter.

Mamaji advises Dev to attend the engagement so he again requests Ishwari for permission but she denies. He doesn’t listen and leaves for the engagement. When Ishwari comes to know, she goes out to stop him but he’s already left.

Meanwhile, the engagement ceremony begins. Ritvik notices that Sona is busy waiting for Dev. Dev enters and Bejoy angrily stops him. Dev says that he will just watch the engagement and go, after which Bejoy allows him. Ritvik begins talking to Sona, seeing which Dev starts getting jealous. He begins drinking; Sona sees this and feels sad.

Picture Courtesy: www.tellytadka-net.com

Picture Courtesy: www.tellytadka-net.com

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 12th September

Ishwari talks to Mamaji about Dev disobeying her order. Mamaji tells her that it is no big deal. Rhea calls up Neha and tells her that Dev went to attend Sona’s engagement. She also tells him that Dev is mostly sad these days, to which Neha says that Sona is his first love; he will not forget her easily. Ishwari overhears their conversation.

After drinking heavily, Dev congratulates Ritvik and Sona. Elena drags them for a dance and Dev gets more jealous. Sona excuses herself and instructs Elena to take care of Dev. Later, just when Sona and Ritvik are about to exchange their rings, Dev breaks his glass and faints. Sona drops the ring and rushes to his side. She instructs Sourav to call a taxi to take him to the hospital.

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