Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September Written Update – Ritvik Breaks The Marriage


Ishwari is tensed that Dev is not returning home and waits for him. Meanwhile, Ritvik’s family is not happy with Sona’s behaviour. His sister talks ill about Sona but Elena stops her. However, Ritvik picks up the engagement ring and tells her parents that Sona still loves Dev. He breaks their alliance and advises her parents that they should not pressurize Sona into marrying someone else. He leaves with his family.

Ishwari sees a car stop and Sona coming out of it. Sona brings Dev inside and helps him lie down on the sofa. He holds her hand and tells her not to go anywhere. Sona starts crying and asks him why he drank so much even after she advised him not to. He apologises to her for spoiling the event; he also tells her that he felt like he would die when Ritvik slipped the ring on her finger. Sona tries to leave but Dev holds on tight. Mamaji loosens the grip and Sona leaves. Ishwari watches everything and is pained to see her son like this.

Picture Courtesy: www.haathichiti.com

Picture Courtesy: www.haathichiti.com

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 13th September

Sona’s and Ritvik’s family wait for Sona. Bejoy starts scolding her as she enters but Ritvik says that he wants to talk to her alone. Sona apologizes for leaving the event and hurting him but Ritvik tells her to accept her feelings for Dev. Soan confesses her feelings and says that she still loves Dev. Ritvik asks her that why did she not tell this earlier. She apologises for her hurting him but he leaves.

Meanwhile Ishwari advises an unconscious Dev to forget the past and move on. Mamaji shouts at her for spoiling her son’s life and tells her that a mother’s words will no longer be of any use. He tells her that she should accept the truth that Dev will never forget Sona.

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