Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th September Written Update – Sona Rejects Ishwari’s Offer


When Dev tells Ishwari that Sona did not agree for the marriage, she tells him not to worry. Meanwhile, Sona cries in her room. Her family knocks at the door and urges her to come out and have breakfast. Sona comes out and Asha asks her if she wants to marry Dev. Sona says no. Asha tells her that everybody is leaving and she should also go to office after breakfast. Elena reads Sona’s horoscope and tells Sourav that Sona will have to deal with a new problem today.

The doorbell rings and Sona opens the door. She is shocked to see Ishwari standing. Ishwari comes inside and requests Sona to marry Dev. She refuses and says that her parents don’t like him. She also says that it is her life and Ishwari and Dev have no right to take decisions for her. Ishwari tries to persuade her further but Sona does not agree. Ishwari says that she will wait for her parents to come and sits on the sofa. Meanwhile Elena and Sourav come and ask Sona about what is Ishwari doing there. After Sona explains, Elena tells that they should kick her out.

Picture Courtesy: www.indiaforums.com

Picture Courtesy: www.indiaforums.com

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 16th September

When Bejoy and Asha return, they get very angry to see Ishwari. She says that she has come to convince them for Dev and Sona’s marriage. Bejoy yells at her and tells her to get out of their house. Ishwari returns home sad. Radha offers her food but she says that she is not hungry.

Meanwhile, Dev’s peon informs him that Sona has come. He goes to meet her happily but she shouts at him that her mother created drama at her house. She tells him that she will not marry him and instructs him to not send his mother again. Dev goes home and tells his mother to not go their house again. But Ishwari thinks that if she does not go, how Dev will be happy.

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