Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th September Written Update – Ishwari Convinces Asha


Bejoy asks Asha for a glass of water but when Sona gives it, he refuses to take it. She gets sad and questions her dad if he loves her anymore. He pampers her and tells her that he loves her more than anyone in this world. Later, Ishwari reaches Sona’s house in Bejoy’s absence. She tells Asha that she wants to talk to her so Asha sends Sona, Elena, and Sourav inside. Ishwari urges Asha to give her assent to Dev and Sona’s marriage since both of them can’t live apart from each other.

Asha offers Ishwari apples but she declines by saying that she is on a fast. Sona hears this and asks her that why is she fasting when she is ill. Sona forcefully feeds her apples and Ishwari tells that if she cares for her so much, then why she can’t accept her as her mother-in-law. Asha says that she and Dev cannot force their decisions on Sona. Sons instructs Sourav to drop Ishwari home.

Picture Courtesy: www.alltvgaane.com

Picture Courtesy: www.alltvgaane.com

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 19th September

Meanwhile, in Dev’s house, Mamaji asks Radha about Ishwari’s whereabouts. Just then Sourav comes to drop Ishwari home. She offers Sourav sweets since she knows that he likes sweets. Radha asks her about why she went to Sona’s house after being insulted repeatedly. She replies that Dev loves Sona, hence she will keep going to her house to convince her parents.

Bejoy comes home and asks Asha if Ishwari came here. He says that he will file a harassment case against Ishwari and Dev but Asha tells him that she came to convince them for Dev and Sona’s marriage. She also said that she doesn’t think that Ishwari is wrong this time. Meanwhile, Ishwari breaks a glass of water. Mamaji asks her about her stress and she says that will keep going to Sona’s house until they are convinced.


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