The episode begins with Mamaji calling Ishwari and asking her if she has reached home. She says that Dev didn’t come to pick her up, hence she and Nikki have left in a taxi. Mamaji then calls up Dev and tells him that Ishwari was waiting for him and has left in a taxi. Dev feels guilty.

Meanwhile Bejoy, Asha, and Sen discuss about Sona and Ritvik’s engagement. Sona enters and tells them that if they are ready, they can fix the engagement date soon. Later, Sona and Ritvik chat. Ritvik tells her about his past – that he was in a relationship for 3 years since he was 19. It took 3 years for him to forget his love.

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 1st September

Meanwhile, at Dev’s house, Ishwari suffers from pain in her legs, so Mamaji brings a tub of hot water for her. She tells him that it’s okay to which Mamaji replies that Dev must have forgotten to pick her up by mistake. Dev rushes home and apologizes to his mother for not making her wait. She says that it’s okay.

At night, Dev cries in his room while thinking about Sona. Mamaji comes to him and says that he too loved a girl when he was 20 years old but he lost her, since his family did not agree. He has been regretting for his whole life and advises Dev not to do so. Dev tells him that Sona is marrying someone else to which Mamaji says that she still loves him. So he should get her back and not spoil three lives. Dev gets happy to hear this.

Sona goes shopping with her family and Ritvik. Dev calls her repeatedly but she doesn’t notice. But Ritvik sees her calls and gets tensed. Bejoy asks him about it and he says that he is upset that Sona’s past is still troubling her.

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