The episode begins with Sona trying to convince Dev to sit in the Satyanarayanapooja, for at least his mother’s sake. Dev says that he doesn’t want to. He finally agrees on the condition that Sona will sit with him. On the other hand, Ranveer tries to speak to Neha but she initially doesn’t give in. However, she finally forgives and hugs him when he apologizes for his misbehaviour.

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Mamaji enters Ishwari’s house and finds her upset. On asking about the reason, Ishwari tells that she is worried about Dev’s close proximity to Sona. Since she also misses Neha, Mamaji tries to cheer his sister up. In Sona’s house, she is in the process of selecting a saree for the pooja when Elena and Sourav start discussing that Dev’s family will be quite lucky to get such a beautiful, educated and hard-working bahu.

All About Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 21st July

In the next sequence, Dev and his mom, both reminiscence their troubled past in their own rooms. Dev thinks about how his mother used to pray to God to save his father as he was the sole breadwinner of the family. Ishwari thinks about the time when she had to hide herself and her children under the bed because the house owner would ask them to vacate the place. Then when she cried vigorously, Neha asked if they would have to live on the footpath and Dev had said that it would be fun. She also thinks about when Dev said that from now on, his mother would be his God.

Next morning, Sona and Elena come to Dev’s house for the pooja, and Ishwari greets them in. When Mamaji calls Dev, Radha says that he won’t be attending the pooja. But then he enters, wearing a dhoti-kurta and tells Ishwari that he wants to sit in the pooja for her sake. She gets very happy and Dev sits in the pooja.

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