Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September Written Update – Both Families Meet


Neha tells Ishwari that marrying Ranveer was a big mistake because his family is very poor. Meanwhile Sona enters Ishwari’s room and thanks her for accepting Dev and her love story. Ishwari tells her that Dev’s happiness is her priority.

Sona reaches home and shows her new bangles to everyone. However, Bejoy tells him that is unconvinced with Ishwari’s proposal and will evaluate them first. Later during dinner, Asha tells Bejoy that Sourav wants to sponsor Sona’s wedding dinner but Bejoy refuses. Asha tells Sourav that his dad will eventually agree.

The next morning, Dev comes over to Sona’s house and brings sweets. He tells Asha and Bejoy that he will call them Maa and Baba. He tells them that they should be fixing the wedding date soon. Bejoy says that there is no need to hurry. Asha tells Dev to bring his mother and other elders to their house for dinner. Sona accompanies Dev outside and tells him that the idea of bringing sweets was really good. Dev says that he wants to be the perfect son-in-law.

Picture Courtesy: www.indiaforums.com

Picture Courtesy: www.indiaforums.com

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September

Asha calls Ishwari and invites them for dinner. Radha tells her that being vegetarians, how can they go and dine at a non-vegetarian household. Mamaji shuts her up. Meanwhile Asha and Daadi make special preparations for Dev’s family but Bejoy thinks it is unnecessary. Ishwari, Radha, Mamaji, and Vicky come for dinner. While serving dinner, Radha and Ishwari refuse to eat anything.

Later Mamaji tells them that their family priest has said that the wedding can be done after a week or after 6 months. Bejoy chooses 6 months because he wants Sona to settle down first. Ishwari says that she will speak to Dev about this and then inform them. Bejoy taunts that Dev has no mind of his own so why should he be consulted.



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