The episode begins with Dev and Sonakshi, who are visibly tensed, but try to act normal before their families, so that they are happy. Dev wears a shirt but removes it in frustration. On the other hand, Sona’s family try every possible thing to cheer her up but in vain.

Radha tries to instigate Ishwari in getting Dev settled into an arranged marriage. However, Ishwari calls for a matrimonial agent to get Sonakshi hooked instead. In Sona’s house, her family asks her if she is ready for marriage or not. Sonakshi, although still in love with Dev, agrees to get married for the sake of her family.

From the choices that the matrimonial agent gives her, Ishwari chooses a Bengali boy as Sona’s prospective groom. She instructs the agent to take the groom’s family to Sona’s house. On her instruction, the agent visits the Bose family and shows them a photograph of the groom.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 22nd August

On seeing the picture, Sona agrees to meet the prospective groom, whose name is Ritvik. However, she does all this just to please her family. On Sona’s agreement, Bose family decide to fix a meeting between the two of them. On the other hand, Ishwari calls up the agent to know about what happened at the Bose house. When the agent informs her that Sona has agreed to meet the groom, Ishwari is glad that she will finally leave from her son’s life. This is because since the time she came to know about the blossoming love between Dev and Sonakshi, she never approved of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Dev is still restless about the fact that he is unable to meet Sonakshi. He recalls the happier moments when they both were together; when he was unable to live without Sonakshi and Sonakshi was unable to live without him.


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