Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd July Written Update – Ishwari Snaps At Sona


Dev finally sits in the pooja after Sona persuades him. During the pooja, when Elena gets up to visit the washroom, Vicky starts misbehaving with her. Sona enters and warns him that she would have taught him a lesson, if he would not have been Dev’s brother. After the pooja, Ranveer and Neha seek Ishwari’s blessings and she tells them that she had organized the ritual for their well-being.

Picture Courtesy: www.itellyupdates.com

Picture Courtesy: www.itellyupdates.com

Sona goes out of the house to see off Elena and Dev joins her after a while. Sona tells him that since the time she fell in love with him, she had just seen him. Today, she saw another person, too. When Dev asks who it is, she tells that it’s his mom. He thanks her for her insistence and says that she was the one who made it possible. Ishwari overhears their conversation and is left shocked.

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 22nd July

Mamaji and Radha see Ishwari distracted. Mama, worriedly, goes to his sister’s room where she is recalling the memory of how Dev had refused to sit in his father’s shraadh pooja because of his atheism. She thinks that Sona, who had just come a few days back, could change something that neither she, nor time could change. When Mama tries to converse, Ishwari says that she is tired and wants to rest.

Nikki and Ria suggest a Paris holiday to Ranveer and Neha, which makes him looks nervously at Neha. Dev visits Ishwari’s room and sees her weird behaviour. He feels that’s she must be hungry and goes to the kitchen to bring her food. He meets Sona there and she says that she will take the snacks for his mother. Dev leaves for an urgent client meeting.

Sona enters Ishwari’s room and ask about her well-being. Ishwari, in turn, snaps at her and asks her to leave the room, since her health is none of her business. Sona leaves sadly.

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