Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd September Written Update – The Prenuptial Agreement


Dev’s lawyer brings him the papers of a prenuptial agreement but Dev throws them in the dustbin. He yells at his lawyer that his wealth is nothing without Sona and tells him to not discuss this matter with anyone else. Meanwhile, at the dinner, Bejoy tells Dev’s family that he wants the marriage to be simple since he doesn’t like their traditions. Radha starts arguing with Bejoy on this matter. Mamaji shuts her up and says that both the families will be conducting the wedding ceremonies at their individual places. Asha agrees with him.

Dev and Sona meet at a restaurant and discuss about their families and the wedding preparations. Sona then brings up the topic of prenuptial agreements and says that a person must be very cheap to think of this. Dev doesn’t say anything. Meanwhile Ishwari comes home to find their lawyer. He narrates the incident to her and says that if Dev and Sona head for a divorce in future, Sona will get 50% of the company’s shares. Ishwari tells him that she will talk to Dev about it.

Picture Courtesy: www.cdn.rumournews.in

Picture Courtesy: www.cdn.rumournews.in

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 22nd September

Ishwari calls Bejoy and asks him to come over to her house. She talks to Bejoy about the prenuptial agreement but he fumes with anger. He also accuses her of showing her cheap mentality and leaves. Bejoy consults his lawyer and learns that the papers are against Sona. He goes back to Ishwari and throws the papers. Just as he is about to leave, Dev comes in. He tells him mother that he does not need such papers and tells Bejoy that he will not sign them.

Ishwari finds a way to trick Dev in signing the papers. She mixes the papers with some official documents and makes Dev sign them. She diverts his attention and Dev unknowingly signs on the agreement.

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