The episode begins with Elena, who notices Sona’s sadness and takes her out to a restaurant. Once they settle at their table, Elena asks her about the reason behind agreeing to marry so soon. Sona doesn’t say anything in return. She then receives a call from her boss and leaves with Elena, but forgets her ID card on the coffee table. After they leave, Dev enters the restaurant and finds her ID card, through which he gets to know about her new boss. He visits her new boss and instructs him to be polite with Sona since she is his friend.

After Sona comes to office, her boss exclaims that he didn’t know that she has contacts with well-known people like Dev. Sona gets furious to hear this and rushes to Dev’s office in anger. She scolds him for meeting her boss but Dev is just happy to see her. When she tries to leave, he tries to stop her by asking about her parents. He also tells her that he misses her but Sona walks out of the door, which leaves him crying. Ishwari calls him and asks him to come home early for a family dinner; he replies with an okay.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 23rd August

Meanwhile Mamaji enters the kitchen when Ishwari is busy making dinner preparations. He tells her that Sona and Dev have broken up because of her demands. Ishwari nervously replies that she never told them to do so, though she always wanted them to part ways. However, Mamaji says that he hopes that Dev is fine.

Ritvik’s family comes to Bejoy’s house. Bejoy says that Sona doesn’t know cooking to which Ritvik replies that it’s understandable since she’s a doctor. He also says that though he too doesn’t know how to cook, they both will manage somehow together. Meanwhile, Sona enters the scene. Ritvik and Sona look at each other and smile.

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