Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd September Written Update – Sona Is Admitted In The Hospital


The episode begins with Ishwari bringing a beautiful lehenga for Sona. Radha feels jealous of Sona when she finds out that the lehenga is of Rs. 15 lakhs. Meanwhile, Mamaji says that Bua ji will be coming for the wedding. On the other hand, while dropping Sona home, she thanks Dev for allowing her to keep non-vegetarian dishes in the wedding menu. Sona goes up to the room and lies down because she starts feeling unwell all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Asha informs Bejoy that Dev has already decided the menu of the wedding and the caterers of the event.

Picture Courtesy: www.tellytadka-net.com

Picture Courtesy: www.tellytadka-net.com

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 23rd September

In Dev’s house, Radha gets shocked to see that there are non-vegetarian dishes in the wedding menu. She shows it to Ishwari and she gets shocked too. Ishwari asks Dev about it and he says that since a marriage in the Bengali culture is incomplete with non-vegetarian food, he agreed to keep it in the marriage. Meanwhile, Sona starts suffering from high fever and stomach ache. Her family takes her to the hospital. Dev gets to know about Sona’s illness and rushes to the hospital. He asks Asha about what happened to Sona and she replies that the doctor is checking her.

After the doctor finishes his checkup, he tells that Sona got sick due to too much stress. However, Dev says that he will wait in the hospital until the reports come. Later, the doctor tells Dev that Sona has lost her fertility and will never be able to become a mother. Dev is shocked to hear such an unfortunate news.

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