Ishwari calls the matrimonial agent and asks if he has completed the task that she gave him, to which he says yes. Meanwhile Dev brings out Sona’s earrings from his cupboard and reminisces the memories of Sona dancing in the rain. Ishwari enters the room and they start talking. Dev rests his head on his mother’s lap in an attempt to sleep.

In the next scene, Sona and Ritvik go on a date. Ritvik says that when he first heard the name Sonakshi, he thought that the girl would be fat. However, Sona tells him to she wants him to know the truth. She tells him all about her relationship with Dev and their breakup. Ritvik asks if her parents forced her for breakup or marriage, to which she replies by saying that her parents never force her. Ritvik reacts very coolly to the entire situation and does not get disturbed by Sona’s revelations.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 24th August

Meanwhile, Ishwari notices Sona’s earrings on Dev’s table and wonders why he has still preserved them. Nikki comes and informs her that Dev had taken Ria and her help to select this earring for Sona. She says that she will ask them why he has kept them out in the open but Ishwari stops her from doing so because she does not want anything to remind Dev of Sona.

On the other hand, Dev waits outside Sona’s house and is completely drenched in the rain. A car halts and Sona steps out of it, followed by Ritvik holding an umbrella. He says if he can gift Sona an umbrella to which she smiles. Dev is shattered on seeing Sona smiling with another guy and leaves the place. However, Sona feels his presence. When Sona reaches home, Elena scolds her about not informing her about the date. Meanwhile, Dev goes to his house devastated about finding Sona enjoying the company of another guy.

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