Sona tells Elena that she still senses Dev’s presence around her. Elena in turn says that she took the right decision of marrying Ritvik since he does not have a mother and she won’t have to bear the torture of a mother-in-law like Ishwari.

Meanwhile, in Dev’s room, he remembers seeing Sona with a guy and checks out Ritvik’s profile on a social networking site. He spots his picture with Sona with the caption that marriage is on the way soon. In frustration, he breaks his laptop. Ishwari rushes to his room on hearing the sound and asks the reason behind throwing his laptop. He says that it had got wet and hence, he threw it since it had stopped working. She sees him wet and asks how he got drenched to which he says that his car got punctured on the way. Ishwari says that she will bring turmeric milk for him but he says no as he reminiscences Sona bringing milk for him.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th August

Dev leaves for office in the morning without meeting Ishwari. Once in office, he hires a private detective to get information about Ritvik. Ishwari wakes up and stresses about how Dev went to office without meeting her. Dev calls later and apologizes for his behaviour to which she says that it’s okay and he need not panic.

Rithvik and his dad reach Sona’s house and begin to chat with his family. Bejoy asks him about his future plans and he says that he plans to open a clinic, and then eventually a hospital. Bejoy and Sen go out of the house; Sen says that with Sona’s arrival, his empty house will become a home. Dev watches this from a hidden spot and panics seeing Bejoy with Ritvick’s father.

Lastly, Sona enters Dev’s house and feels nostalgic. But Ishwari is shocked to see her.

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