The episode begins with Dev bringing food for his mother. She starts complaining that he has grown up now and does not require his mother any longer. Dev, in turn, pampers her by telling that he has decided to give away an award to help poor children with their education expenses. Since it is named after Ishwari, he wants his mother to distribute it. When he leaves, she wonders why he hasn’t told her anything about Sona yet.

In her house, Sona looks at Ishwari’s image in her phone and thinks about how happy she was when Dev agreed to sit in the pooja. When Elena comes, Sona clicks a selfie with her and sends it to Dev. He compliments her. As their chatting continues, Nikki and Neha enter and ask him about the girl in his life. Ishwari enters and tells that there is no mystery girl, otherwise Dev would have informed her. Dev asks Neha if she came alone, to which she replies that Ranveer dropped her.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 25th July

Later, Ranveer and Neha go flat-hunting. They enter a flat and Ranveer asks her if she likes it. She says that they don’t need to change the house. He replies by saying that he wants to spend some private time with her. This brightens up Neha’s face and they fix the flat. The broker says that they can shift in another 2-3 days.

Next day, Sona comes for work. Dev says that he was restless to meet her as he could not drop her home on the earlier evening. Sona, in turn, says that she was restless too.  She asks him if he has some important work in office. Ishwari enters and asks Dev if she is looking good in his gifted sari. Sona compliments her and asks her about where is going. Ishwari snaps back by saying that it is none of her business and leaves with her son.

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