The episode begins with Sonakshi entering Dev’s house. Ishwari sees her and she is shocked at why Sona has come again. She goes up to her and asks her if any of her belongings are still left in her house. When Sona says no, then she asks her about her reason of coming. Sona taunts Ishwari that Dev is sacrificing his love for her. Ishwari stops her from making any accusations but Sona goes on to say that she should at least be worried about her son’s happiness. Radha comes in the scene and tells Sona that Dev is very happy without her in his life. Sona says that if Dev is happy, she is happy.

Meanwhile Sona returns home and finds Dev spying around her house. She goes up to Dev and tells him that she does not want him around her. Hence, he should stop with such activities. Dev feels hurt by her words and leaves the place. On the other hand, Ishwari recalls what Sona said about Dev not being happy without her. She then decides to remove all of Sona’s belongings from her house, so that Dev is never reminded of her again.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi – 26th July

Sona comes home to find Ritvik waiting for her. Ritvik sees her upset and asks her the reason behind her stress. Sona tells him everything about whatever happened. She tells him that she is hurt that the one person whom she trusted the most, betrayed her in such a way. Ritvik consoles her and tells her that everything will be alright. He advises her to move on in life since there is nothing left in the past.

Meanwhile, Ishwari cannot get Sona’s words out of her mind. She recalls that Dev is not happy since the last few days and worries about him.

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