Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th September Written Update – Buaji Comes For The Wedding


The episode begins with Bejoy and Asha busy in the wedding preparations of Dev and Sonakshi. Dev tells Bejoy that Sona’s reports are normal and that she can be discharged from the hospital. He informs her that everything is fine and that she might have fallen ill due to too much stress. He hides the fact that the doctor has spoken about the fertility issues about Sona. Meanwhile Sona gets very sad to see her dress. Just then Elena brings her a new dress. Seeing that Sona gets very happy and hugs her sister for ordering the dress for her.

Picture Courtesy: www.cdn.rumournews.in

Picture Courtesy: www.cdn.rumournews.in

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 26th September

In Dev’s house, wedding preparations are in full swing and Ishwari is busy preparing for her son’s wedding. Meanwhile Buaji enters the house and Ishwari welcomes her. However, after a little while, she starts objecting to bringing a Bengali girl as their daughter-in-law. She is strictly against the concept of inter-caste marriage and says so to Ishwari. Radha also tells her that Sona doesn’t know cooking. Buaji scolds Ishwari that why did she fix Dev’s marriage with such a girl. Mamaji intervenes and says that Dev wants to marry a beautiful, honest girl. He does not acre if Sona is a Bengali or knows cooking or not.

Meanwhile Dev recalls his beautiful moments spent with Sona. Just then Sona sends him a picture of her dress. She instantly calls him and asks about it to which he replies that the dress is nice. Sona starts asking about the report but them disconnects the phone.

In a nightmare, Dev sees that Sona has got to know about her reports and has called off the marriage. He wakes up and thinks about how he should break the news before Ishwari and Sona.

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