Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th August Written Update – Bejoy Angry With Ishwari


Ishwari gift wraps Sona’s bracelet and asks her servant to deliver it to her house, because she doesn’t feel that Sona’s things should remain in Dev’s cupboard, even after their breakup. Meanwhile later, Dev cries on his bed while remembering Sona. His mother comes and asks him what happened to which he replies that nothing has happened.

Ritvik tries to console Sona by saying that he will drink coffee from now on since she makes great coffee. Sona smiles.

Dev’s detective brings information about Ritvik and tells Dev that is a very respectable man. Dev instructs him to call Sona and lie that his daughter is very ill and she needs her help. Sona agrees to meet him and his daughter in a hotel.

Picture Courtesy: www.alltvgaane.com

Picture Courtesy: www.alltvgaane.com

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 29th August

Dev reaches the hotel and bribes the waiter to reserve their usual table for Sona. She comes and sits on the same table like before. The waiter asks her if he should bring her usual order but she orders something else. But when the waiter brings her plain coffee, she orders her usual cappuccino. Dev gets glad to see this. Ritvik comes and sits with Sona. She tells him that she came to meet a client, but he has not come yet. While leaving, Sona feels that she hears Dev’s voice but Ritvik takes her away before she could see.

Bejoy receives Ishwari’s courier and fumes instantly. He kicks the furniture and wants to confront her but Asha stops him saying that it is not the right time to react. He calms down.

Later at night, Elena advises Sona to forget Dev as he must have moved on. But Sona replies by saying that he sacrificed his love for his mother; he still follows here everywhere and waits for just one glimpse of hers. She starts crying, while Dev thinks that he will not let Sona forget him so easily.

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